Best Way to Make a Deposit at Online Poker Rooms

One question people who are considering playing poker online have is "How do I deposit and withdraw money?"

The fact is that each poker website accepts various methods for deposits and cashouts.

The most popular, universally accepted, and convenient method is to use NETeller. NETeller is preferred by most online poker players and we strongly recommend it if you plan to take advantage of the $2630 worth of deposit bonuses listed on

What is NETeller?

NETeller is a "virtual wallet" service that lets you deposit money from your bank account to your NETeller account and then deposit from NETeller to an online card room.

How NETeller Works

Opening an account on NETeller is free. Just go to, click Open Account, and follow the instructions.

Once money is deposited in your NETeller account, you can select NETeller as a deposit option at an online poker room. Funds will usually appear in your poker account within seconds.

Then when you are ready to withdraw your funds from the online poker room you can choose NETeller as your cashout option. Once the funds appear in your NETeller account (usually in a few hours) you can then deposit your funds at another online poker room featured on

When you are ready to withdraw funds from your NETeller account, you can cashout back to your bank account.

If you use your bank account to deposit and withdraw money, NETeller will charge NO FEES!

Why NETeller is Best

  • Accepted at all rooms for deposit and cashout
    NETeller is accepted as a deposit and cashout method at every card room featured on So once you have opened and funded your NETeller account, you will easily be able to go from poker room to poker room collecting your deposit bonuses.
  • No charges when using your bank account to deposit and cashout
    The superb service provided by NETeller is free when you use your bank account to deposit money and cashout. Compare this to FirePay, which charges $1.50 for each deposit.
    However, if you use a credit card to deposit to NETeller there is a 3.9% fee.
  • Easy bankroll management
    Another benefit of making all your poker deposits and cashouts from your NETeller account is that this allows you to see just how your bankroll is growing. You will see exactly how much the poker deposit bonuses (and your own poker play) are making you.
    If you merely deposit to online poker rooms using a credit card (not accepted by all websites anyway) and then cashout through a check, you'll probably lose track of exactly how big your overall profit is.
  • Extra bonuses with NETeller
    Some poker websites, such as Absolute Poker and The Gaming Club, offer extra deposit bonuses ONLY to those who use a NETeller account to make their deposits.

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