Poker Room Deposit Bonus

Here are the details of the Deposit Bonus offered by Poker Room:

Percent of First Deposit 20%
Maximum Bonus $100
Cash Out Requirements
(You will not be able to withdraw your bonus until these have been met.)
Earn "Player Points" equal to 7 times the size of your bonus.

You will earn 1 Player Point for every raked hand where the rake is $1.00 or more. You will earn 0.5 Player Points for every raked hand where the rake is less than $1.00 but more than $0.50.

You will earn 5 Player Points for every dollar paid in a tournament entry fee.
Time Limit
(Cash out requirements must be met before this time.)
60 days
How to Check Your Progress
(Follow these steps to learn how close you are to meeting the cash out requirements.)
• Log in at the website.
• Click My Account.
• On the Account Overview tab, the Player Points section will list your total number of Player Points.
Deposit Options
NETeller (recommended)
• FirePay
• PrePaidATM
• Moneybookers
Cash Out Options
NETeller (recommended)
• Normal check
• Courier check ($30 fee for courier checks less than $1000)
• FirePay
• PrePaidATM
• Moneybookers
(Click the link to learn more, download the software, and open your account at the official website.)
Poker Room

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